sabato 5 marzo 2011


Founded in 2010, the Enoclub Association of Siena is a private, non-profit voluntary organisation whose members have come together from different walks of life, united by a passion for wine. We aim to expand our knowledge of wine and share this knowledge with others whilst furthering and promoting the culture of wine and wine appreciation.
We have a deep awareness of living in one of the finest wine producing regions in the world – that of Siena and the Tuscany region in general. The Enoclub project is a dynamic fusion of the passions and skills of our region’s producers, of its wine collectors and of its devoted consumers.
The Enoclub’s projects and initiatives include: themed wine samplings, wine research, educational events and trips, exhibitions, shows and not-for-profit voluntary events. The Club also acts as a catalyst for communication between the producers in the region. All initiatives are linked to the theme and the wonderful world of wine and are organized with the close and friendly collaboration of the region’s wine producers and wine promoters.
Currently, the association has almost one hundred partners and members who include wine producers and distributors, restaurateurs, wine licensors, wine buffs and critics, as well as those who simply appreciate and enjoy wine. Planned initiatives include educational events in the historic city centre and districts of Siena, and outings to the various historical wine territories of the Chianti region, highlighting in particular the famous wine tourist circuit of the Classic Chianti country and the Brunello-producing Montalcino region.

Davide Bonucci

- english version by Annette Karney - EnoclubSiena
(versione in inglese a cura di Annette Kearney - socia Enoclub Siena)

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